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Entity Forever 21

Entity Forever 21


Forever 21

It’s time to lighten and brighten with LumeniX™ and Brillar™ – two innovative skin beautifying products designed to whiten, nourish and reduce the signs of skin aging for a glowing complexion. You’ve never looked better.



LumeniX™ is a skin whitening formula designed to lighten and beautify the skin. Its key ingredient, glutathione, is a master of all antioxidants that eliminates toxins from the liver which also provides skin whitening effect by reducing the amount of dark melanin produced in our body for a fairer complexion. LumeniX™ is formulated with our patented WaferiX™ sublingual technology for an enhanced bioavailability of glutathione.



Brillar™ is a daily skin care supplement designed to repair and nourish damaged skin cells to give you a youthful glow. It enhances stimulation of collagen and skin elasticity for a firm and supple skin, improves skin texture by repairing damaged skin cells, acts as a natural sunscreen in protecting the skin against sun-induced skin aging, and has skin lightening effect.

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