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Hygi™️ Air - Cleaner Air, Better Health

Hygi™️ Air - Cleaner Air, Better Health

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Hygi™️ Air - Cleaner Air, Better Health
[Product of Singapore]


Hygi™️ Air is a control sustain release (CSR) system to control airborne bacteria, viruses and minimize mold growth in an enclosed environment.

Hygi™️ Air releases gaseous chlorine dioxide (CLO2)into the air as its active ingredient. Despite having less oxidative power than chlorine, it is 2.5 times more effective at removing biological contaminants because of its selective nature. Thus it is able to penetrate the biofilm and rupture the bacteria’s cell wall.


Hygi™️ Air does not use any masking fragrances or agents. It destroys the odor causing bacteria at it’s source, therefore eliminating smell.

Hygi™️ Air reduces the risk of viral or bacterial transmission between colleagues in an office environment, thus reducing medical leaves and increases productivity.


-Coverage area: Approx. 125sqft
-At least one per room
-Shelf life of 2 months


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