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Restorative Eye Spray


[Efficacy of LMANYU Restorative Eye Spray]

Restorative Eye Spray

One bottle restores the youthful state of the eyes


1. Protect the cornea, prevent eye diseases, relieve dry eyes and relieve intraocular pressure.

2. Promote eye circulation, relieve eye swelling, and relieve eye fatigue.

3. Improve eye inflammation, eye anti-sensitization, desensitization, and lighten fine lines around the eyes.

4. Prevent and improve presbyopia, improve myopia, anti-radiation, anti-blue light.


Nano advanced technology:

Restorative Eye Spray adopts advanced nano-permeation technology to change the molecular structure of substances and turn macromolecules into smaller molecules, which can be effectively absorbed. This sustained release produces more direct and longer-lasting absorption. Made with more than 10 Chinese medicinal herbs and ingredients, the Restorative Eye Spray is known to provide much comfort, protection and anti-ageing qualities for our eyes.

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