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LumeniX for eczema?

LumeniX for eczema?

One user’s review and experience:

By Roy K, 33

I’ve suffered from chronic eczema on my feet for 2-3 years. My skin was unbearably itchy and dry. It bled from my constant scratching. I was very frustrated. Over the years I’ve tried various combinations of treatments like moisturising with heavy creams, oils, TCM, acupuncture and going on a strict diet. These methods did not help. I refuse to use topical steroids because of the side effects like skin thinning and other serious health issues. For a chronic sufferer like me, long term steroid use is just not an option.

I heard that glutathione is powerful for immune health and can help autoimmune problems like my eczema, so I gave Lumenix a try. I took 6 wafers a day for the first 3 days and quickly noticed a difference. At first I felt my body ‘detoxing’. Then I realised that my itch was getting better and I was scratching less and less. I felt like I was in control of my condition. Week after week, the affected parts of my skin started to show lasting improvements. The photo I submitted speaks for itself. The ‘After’ photo was taken at the 1 month mark. I’m currently at the 1.5 month mark and will continue to take it till the eczema clears. Lumenix, together with consistent application of moisturizer, helps improve the skin condition. I would also mention that my face started to get very radiant and glowed by the second week of use (I did not know I care about such things before!). What a pleasant side benefit!

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