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Hygiene Fog Disinfectant Machine (Black)

Hygiene Fog Disinfectant Machine (Black)


Product Name: Hygiene Fog Disinfectant Machine (Black)
Warranty Period: 1 Month 
Color: Black & Grey
Power: 1200W 
Voltage: 220V 
Smoke Exhaust: 5000 Cubic Feet per Minute 
Fuel Tank Capacity: 1000ml 
Warm-up Time: 5 - 8 minutes 


Safety Precautions

  • For indoor use only. Not designed for outdoor use.
  • The fog machine is not water-or splash proof. If liquid gets inside the machine, immediately unplug the machine, clean it and let dry before plugging in to avoid risk of electrocution.
  • Use of fog liquids not included or those other than HygieneFog Liquid are not recommended and may result in blockage, leakage, or other damage to the fog machine. Adding flammable liquid or other fluid may lead to heater clog and malfunction.
  • Always make sure there is enough liquid in the tank. Operating this unit without liquid might cause damage to the pump as well as over-heating of the heater.
  • Position the fog machine in a well-ventilated area and leave at least 50 cm of space around the machine. Do not spray in the direction of flames, people and pets.
  • Keep away from flames and flammable/explosive substances to avoid fire or explosions.
  • For adult use only. Fog machine must be installed out of the reach of children. Never leave the unit running unattended.
  • During the operation of the fogging disinfection, it may set off ionization-type smoke alarms as they may sense the high density of fog particles just like smoke.
  • Some may be sensitive to fogging substances, operation personal is recommended to wear a properly fitted NIOSH-approved N95 respirator or higher level of protection can reduce exposure and do not remain in the area for long.
  • Operate the fog machine at least once a month. A test-run consists of warming-up the machine followed by a few minutes of fog emission. 


Recommended Disinfection Time

  • Disinfection of Offices: Per 100m2 spray for 140 seconds (4 spray session).
  • Disinfection of Buses: Single/double decker bus spray for 35~70 seconds (1~2 spray sessions).
  • Disinfection of Small Vehicles: spray for 20 seconds (1 spray session).

Incorrect handling of this product could possibly result in personal injury or physical damage. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by mishandling that is beyond normal usage defined in this disinfectant machine manual.

Warranty period: 1 month 

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